Oil Burner Smoking

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    Feb 24, 2009
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    Just replaced my 275 oil tank last weekend. The old one was leaking and I knew I would replace it this spring when the fuel ran low. Unfortunately I ran out of oil friday and so I replaced the tank. I blew out the feed line with a compressor to make sure no sludge was in it.

    I figured it was a good time for a tune as well so I replaced the nozzle and filter. I removed stack and the top jacket and brushed and vacuumed all the soot. Then I vacuumed the combustion chamber. I also wiped clean the photo sensor.

    Now the furnace is smoking after about a half hour or so. It is coming out of the inspection port.

    Also the control panel it tripping the reset button sporadically. It may run for 15 mins or up to an hour of cycle time.

    I didnt adjust anything so why would this 'just start' to occur? Does it need more air?
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