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Discussion in 'Remodel Forum & Blog' started by DME, Feb 7, 2007.

  1. DME

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    Feb 2, 2007
    Remodeling bathroom I cut and chisled out the slab in order to move the toilet over about a foot. That job is complete, but when do I glue on the offset toilet flange required? I am not sure exactly how thick the floor tile and thinset will be so I can't put the flange on and then patch the hole. On the other hand, if I simply extend the waste pipe up and repair the hole before attaching the flange then I won't be able to glue the flange on. I know to wrap the waste pipe with some material I can remove easily so that the concrete can't get right next to the pipe when using a regular flange. However, the offset flange makes this method impossible. Is this question clear as sewerage? Basically, when do you attach an offset toilet flange to the drain pipe? Before the slab is poured or after?
  2. Randyj

    Randyj Master Plumber

    Nov 25, 2006
    Might be a couple of options here. I frequently use a 4 x 3 pvc flange which either slips over a 3" pvc or slips into a 4" pvc. Recently did a tile floor and in the process replaced the toilet flange which was broken when I started the job. It was very simple because I just ran the thinset up to it, installed the tile then filled in around the pipe with thinset and/or grout to give it a smooth finish...then slid the flange into the 4" pvc which set it flat on top of the tile exactly where it should be. All of this said... if you're using an offset you have the option of leaving the area open until the tile is set then work the flange in and put the thinset around it as you go. This way you can get the thinset and support for the flange where you need it and minimize guesswork and any chance of it being visible once it is all covered when the toilet is installed. I usually screw the PVC flanges down to concrete with tapcon's to have a very securely installed flange.
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