No water for days! Have done all the diy stuff we know of! Pump will not come on :(

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    Apr 18, 2013
    Hello ~ I just found this forum and am praying someone can offer a solution! We have a residential well & pump for our water. We had a leak in an outdoor pipe last week that we repaired with no apparent problems. No problems after fixing it. A few days later we woke up with not much water pressure. My husband first checked the original leak, no problems there. He then replaced the points. Nothing. Water quickly went from not much water coming out to no water coming out. He just replaced the control box. We know there is power going to the pump. We are racking brains to see if we are missing something, hoping to find out it is something we can do on our own and not that the pump needs replacing! Any help you can offer is appreciated!
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    The pump needs to be tested, which (if it is running) is done by measuring the current being drawn by each leg of the pump motor and comparing it to the factory specifications. There are also resistance specifications which can be checked if the pump is not running. It could be a bad connection or wire rotted off in the well.

    Don't overlook the possibility that the pump may be running, but the leak could be down inside the well, so the water is not making it to the house.
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  4. valveman

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    All the things CC mentioned are very possible. However, since I have been giving this bad news to people all my life I will just say it. I will guess the leak was there for quite a while and the pump cycled itself to death. Probably an open leg in the motor, sorry. :(
  5. craigpump

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    Apr 12, 2012
    Self employed water system tech
    Might get lucky and have a rotted fitting at the pump or the pump is hanging off the end of the pipe.

    I have seen where the coupling between the motor and pump strips, the motor draws current but the pump doesn't push water.

    Also like valveman says, the pump might be dead
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