New water heater involving polybutylene piping. Also why so few 12 yr warrantees

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I am looking to replace my existing water heater with a new Rheem or Bradford White residential gas water heater. The pipes into and out of my water heater are all polybutylene piping and 20 yrs old. I am concerned that I going to get a guy how really doesn't know how to work with polybutylene piping; especially since, most of the people offering hot water service appear to be heating companies.

Could you recommend how i can determine (if at all possible) if the person has the expertise to work with polybutylene piping?

I would also like to know if Rheem or Bradford White offer hot water tanks with 12 yr warrantees? I looking to install a 12-yr because I am thinking that my out-of-pocket cost will be less than two 6 yr or two 8 yr models.



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PB is a crapshoot. I would come off the heater with copper and join it to the PB 18-24" away from the heater, as should be done with any plastic piping system.

Most of the heaters are the same tanks and all you are paying extra for is the warranty. Some of them might have a better drain valve and/or a second anode rod, but the tank is the same.

In comparison which many home repair/maintenance tasks, replacing a tank water heater is not really expensive nor should it be considered a major project.
Most standard replacements are in and out in less than 2 hours.
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