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    Apr 29, 2017
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    So first off thank you in advance for anyone who tries to help me learn something.

    So moved into my house I bought a year ago. Was told had to add salt to the softener and that's all there reall is too it. Well I've learned now that's a
    After two weeks water came out the yellow/brownish color. Was told the house sat for 9 months, and to pour a gallon of bleach down the well. Put the softener on bypass. Turn the cold water on. After water started coming out clear again. Turn the gas off for the hot water heater. Drain it. Let it fill back up. Drain again. Fill it back up, and run the hot water.

    This fixed the issue. A few months later it happened again. Did the same thing. No problems.

    Now havkng the issue again. Bleach did nothing. Was told try iron out. Put a bottle and a half in the well. Dumped 2 gallons of bleach down it as well.
    Put a cup of iron out, in a half gallon of water. Dumped that in the brine tank part of the water softener. Did a manual recharge.

    Been going for 2 days now with yellow/brown water and I don't know what to do. Also have grit maybe sand? Coming or the faucets.

    Someone please help me, so I know what I'm doing wrong and how to fix it.

    Also I use Morton Rust Protect salt.
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    Sep 25, 2013
    1. Get a water test of your raw water. I like kit 90 from Sterilize the faucet, and let the water run for 10 minutes before drawing the sample.

    2. Sanitize your well better. Here is my write-up for sanitizing bottom feeding wells with liquid bleach and vinegar.

    3. Tell us about your softener. Size, model, maybe post a photo. Add your water test results for iron, pH, manganese, The softeners are discussed in

    4. Based on your discussions, the water test will probably show you might want to add an iron filter in front of the softener. This is not cheap, but it has the bonus of dealing with other stuff too. It makes the job of the softener much easier.

    5. Describe your well and pump system, to the extent that you can. PVC or steel casing? What is the diameter ( or circumference)? Submersible pump or above ground? Do you know the depth of the well, and the depth the water level sits at?

    You did not mention a sulfur smell. I would check the water heater anode. I replaced my anode with a powered anode. It protects the WH as well as magnesium, and does not react with bacteria and sulfate to produce H2S.

    You did not say if the yellow was hot and cold both. When you talked about yellow, you then talked about the water heater, so I am wondering if it was hot only.

    To flush the debris from the water heater, you can drain the water. Then turn on the supply pipe on full for a few seconds with the drain open. You want turbulence on the bottom. Turn off the water until most of the draining stops. Repeat a few times. The surge can help wash stuff out. There are more intense ways to flush, but even the simple use of bursts of water into the empty WH is better than draining and filling a couple times.
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  4. JRC3

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    Sep 27, 2016
    S.W. Ohio
    I hope all that bleach wasn't put into your septic. Best bet is to flush the bleach out of an outdoor spigot or if your lucky enough to have a dry well.
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