New Sandpoint - Do I need One?

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    We live right on the valley floor of the Okanagan Vally in South Central B.C. and the water table here is quite high. My dad drove the sandpoint that supplies our domestic and irrigation water ( for lawns and garden ) in 1975 and it has been working just fine for all these years with a seemingly endless supply of good, clear, clean water. I recall my dad saying that he only went down six or eight feet and the well was artesian with water rising right to the top of the pipe.
    Now here is my dilemma. My wife has enlarged her garden substantially and I am putting an underground 1 1/8" white plastic pipe line which will stretch almost 300 feet in a slightly uphill direction from the pump house which is right under our kitchen window to the garden. We are figuring on putting up a greenhouse this year so that she can maybe sell some bedding plants next year and not have to buy them for ourselves so there will be a 1 1/8" line running off the main line to the garden about 40 feet to a valve for the greenhouse. We figure that she will likely run about seven or eight sprinklers in the garden area - not all at once - but rotating them and I am wondering if our 1/2 HP domestic pump will give us the water that we need or should I drive another sand point beside the pump house and run the irrigation off of a seperate 1/2 HP pump? I know nothing about driving sand points as I was a lot younger when my dad did it and I was not very interested in learning - ah, the wisdom of youth!:p
    The other question is this - would it be a mistake to just "T" with a second 1/2 HP pump into the existing feed line from the well to the existing pump and use the same sand point? I'd have two pumps on one sand point then but I do not feel very good about doing that. I have this feeling that I could be causing some problems with a well that has perfomed flawlessly for over 30 years and I do not want to do that.
    I know where the underground stream runs as I had a man here who witches and he claimed that there is a huge volume of water moving directly beneath the back of our house where the well is and it is not far down. He did not know that our well is shallow but he remarked a few times that he felt that there is a lot of water moving down there. I can knock another sand point in right beside the existing one but is that worth the expense and trouble and if I do so, what should I be looking for in a sand point?
    One last question - we used to have two houses here on our property and the one burned down almost twenty five years ago. The well is still there and I am assuming that it too is a sand point and according to the guy who witched for water here, that well is on the same stream as the one for the house that we now live in. Would that sand point still be useable after sitting for that long? I ask because I want to add running water to my shop and that old well is a lot closer to the shop than our current well. Is there a process that I should try before hooking a pump up again to that old well? Sorry for all the questions - but the man is supposed to be here in the next couple of weeks to dig the garden water lines in with a trencher and I want to be ready. Thanks in advance for your help. Gary
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