New resin for model 60

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That's all folks!
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Your posts were also deleted. You should also lose your attitude.
Well yeah, that's what happens when a thread is deleted, all posts in it are deleted.

All I was doing was defending your misinformation.
But you didn't correct my misinformation. And like here in this thread, you are attempting to correct something I didn't say. I have not said that Kinetico had silicone o-rings. I simply stated a fact that silicon o-rings do not need lubrication. I see that as helpful advice.

This forum should used to help others, not to sell your products.
So my suspicions were correct that you are here to support the same claims that Andy, shezakg1, pandella, sammy, uncle nick and others have made, and to instigate disruption.

AND that you have been communicating with them or at least Andy since he and I are the only ones here since all the others have been banned.

Anyway, is this Kinetico you're working on now the same one you recently rebuilt with used parts or a used valve after thinking it was working for 7 months until you finally figured out it wasn't and it's still not working now so you're replacing the resin?

BTW, I haven't tried to sell you anything or suggested you buy anything form me or anyone else.


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Anyone buys resin from me I include a proper new funnel.

As you know I suggest a Clack WS-1 valve. IMO to is a much better choice than a 5600 which is a 3/4" valve.

There is no hardness on the water report. So use the 17 gpg. The test he used is a good test.

You would have to call me so I could ask you a few questions before I could correctly size a softener for you but a 1.0 cuft (32k) may be too small.

It is what it is and you can't get parts anywhere but Culligan, so your choices are to have them come out to fix it, bypass it and use raw water or, buy a new softener.

And for drinking water, buy an under the counter two stage filter that has its own long reach swivel faucet as an RO has. I have one with two spare cartridges (one sediment and one carbon block), for under $150 delivered by UPS

If you are serious about finding a new supplier, you should talk to me.

Really now, not trying to sell... hmmmmmmm
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