Need Help Please! Water Filtration Not Operating Properly..

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    Long, but I need help please!!

    Having issues with water filtration. We have our own well. I attached the last two water sample tests we took. You can see(pic below) how we have our current water system setup. The Rhino and accompanying components all came from The Culligan water softener came with the house.

    System Components:
    1. Main water line. Pressure tank behind wall
    2. Bypass for filtration
    3. *forgot to mark it* was supposed to show line continuing after #8 to softener.
    4. 5 micron woven pre filter
    5. Greensand filter provided by aquasana
    6. Rhino for well water treatment/filter
    7. .35 micron pleated post filter
    8. Cold water lines for kitchen sinks(2 kitchens & fridge water/ice)(filtered, not softened)
    9. Culligan 8"medalist water softener. All the house water is softened except the two cold kitchen faucet lines and two fridge water/ice lines. Has been working well, but will eventually need to be replaced to meet our needs. 7 people in the house!

    PROBLEM: Less then a year of service, the water pressure was reduced to the point of having to bypass the filtration system. Turn 2 faucets on, and you barely get a drip. The pre filter was being replaced regularly, but probably not often enough. The post filter was also replaced couple times. After talking to Jeff at aquasana, we did some tests to determine which of the two(greensand, rhino) was the culprit. After testing, both were causing the water pressure drop.

    AQUASANA SOLUTION: Aquasan is standing behind their system and have shipped out a new greensand and rhino filter!!! I received the new tanks in less then a week. What a great company. Jeff is who I've been in contact with since initial purchase and what a stand up guy!

    FUTURE PROBLEM: I'm afraid this will happen again. I would like to prevent this from happening in the future. I have a few questions/comments below. Can someone steer me in the correct direction please...

    1. After contemplation, I believe I'm filtering bath/laundry/toilet water for no good reason? That water will be softened anyway, which we love. I'm thinking of using the Rhino just for our cold water kitchen sink/fridge water/ice. I am prepared to reroute the water to accomplish this.

    2. What about the greensand filter? Would it be wise to have all the water run thru the greensand filter(before WS) to relieve some workload off the softener? Plus the softener can not pull out all the iron and iron bacteria. Before the rhino system was installed, we did have some rust and iron bacteria issues. After filter installation, that has been non existent.

    3. If we do use the greensand to filter all the water, how long before it clogs up again? I've been told I can add a regen valve like a Fleck to my current greensand filter. Is this true? If so, would that benefit the longevity of the greensand filter?

    4. I'm also thinking of installing a sediment filter before the pre filter to reduce some stress on it. Is this a good idea?

    5. Should I consider a 20" big blue filter to help with all the pre filtering work?

    6. Is there another pre filter that would do a better job at keeping the sediment/junk from the well out of the filtration/softener system?

    Any help would be GREATLY APPRECIATED!! I'm not installing the new Greensand and Rhino filters till I resolve this. Any other info help you guys help me?? Let me know...

    Pic of my current setup..

    Most recent water sample 1/18/12

    Water sample from 10/27/11
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