Need advice on two issues I am trying to fix.

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I have done some DIY plumbing projects but need some advice on this one. I have a scenario with two issues I am trying to address. I have a kitchen sink faucet about 75 feet from the hot water heater and well pump room. Then a shower that is about 25 feet more from the Kitchen faucet. With all the associated copper pipe bends and connection probably a bit more in feet to the faucet and shower.

So the copper runs first to the kitchen faucet, then runs to another bathroom that has a toilet, sink and shower.

The first issue is it takes hot water way too long (maybe 3-4 minutes) to finally reach the faucet or shower. Sometimes longer if anyone is using hot water like a shower or washing clothes etc.

The second issue is when someone flushes the toilet in the bathroom the pressure drops a lot to the kitchen sink. So if both are happening at the same time, or taking a shower the kitchen sink flow is very low.

So for the first issue I was thinking of a tankless hot water heater.
The second issue maybe a smaller pressure tank for the kitchen faucet on the cold side, maybe a check valve in front so it only supplied the upstream side..

So my questions are: Does that sound like a viable solution or am I going down the wrong path.

I have experience with pressure tank but none with tankless water heaters.
I have a basement located directly below the kitchen piping so I thought I could locate everything down there.

Also I was thinking of suppling the Tank less heater using the hot water supply line so once the hot water caught up from the pump room, the tankless would shut off heat and then the normal hot water supply would take over. Any advice appreciated.

Also trying to size the tankless and pick a brand.
Some specs I have gathered:

Cold water runs about 62 degrees
Flow rate is 1.8 GPM

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