Need advice on sprinkler valve

Discussion in 'Irrigation / Sprinkler Forum' started by Thurman, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. Thurman

    Thurman New Member

    Jan 29, 2009
    Does any manufacturer make a 12v DC operated sprinkler (water)control valve that is 1 1/4" NFPT ported on both ends? My local big box stores certainly don't have them and before I go running around searching I thought I would ask. Thanks, David
  2. jimbo

    jimbo Plumber

    Aug 31, 2004
    San Diego, CA
    You could easily use a 1½" valve an bush down to the 1 1/4". The bigger problem is why do you need to operate on 12 VDC?? Seems almost all irrigation valves are 24 VAC.
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  4. Wet_Boots

    Wet_Boots Sprinkler Guy

    Mar 23, 2007
    Metro NYC
    What is the water pressure at this valve? There might be a standard valve that will work.
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