Natural gas boiler NJ venting code question

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I’ve lurked for years, finding very helpful info.

I am in the process of converting from oil to gas. Last week, I installed a 140k btu takagi 6.6 gpm tankless, using the concentric direct vent kit. So far that has worked well. Now I’m ready to install the boiler.
I ordered a Burnham X-PV4-N 105k btu. This model is power vented as I don’t want to use the chimney.
Since this is being installed in the garage, I found that I need to have the intake pulled from outside. I ordered the kit that allows that.

The intake/vent will be going thru my “combustible” garage wall. I have an exterior chimney on that wall, which the oil fired boiler vented to. Its 16” concrete block. Facing the wall from outside, the takagi is 24” from the block chimney.
I was planning on putting the PVC intake for the boiler within 12” of the chimney, and the vent @ 12” from that (has to be 12-36” from the intake per the manual).
One of the inspectors I spoke to said the chimney was considered an inside corner. I have found a few discrepancies with some of what he told me. The other was how far a vent can be from a fresh air intake. I found the code, as well as the statement that shows direct vent is excluded I believe it’s 12”, but I have the info.

My questions are -

Is a chimney really considered an inside corner? I would have to assume the inside corner would mean living space.

Does it matter if I put an intake 12” from a chimney?

I will be using 3” single pipe z-vent for the exhaust. Will the 3” single wall, wall thimble get me to “0 clearance”? I don’t know how they are made.

I have searched countless hours trying to find info on the chimney and intake clearance and can’t find anything.

I have been doing all the work myself, including running the gas pipe from the meter to my manifold. I’m learning as I go, so go easy on me.

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Sussex County, NJ
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