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    Plumbing waste and vents have always been a problem for me to get my head around.
    Perhaps you can help me? Canadian codes may need to apply here.

    The 'big picture' involves making the ensuite bath a tad larger by stealing room from the adjacent main bath. In the process we will also enlarge a bedroom closet.

    The first project will be the main bath, while maintaining the existing ensuite shower, etc. The old monster jacuzzi tub has been torn out and a new soaker tub is to be installed about 5' further away again an exterior wall. The toilet is moving 18" further into the room (along the same joist) to make way for the tub. What I want to know is the best way of tapping into the existing plumbing stack (where current shower and the previous jacuzzi plumbed into) -- see .jpg of existing crawlspace plumbing.

    To maintain the existing shower (but to prepare for its move in the next project phase), what I propose to do is to cut everything back from just below the current shower wye and down to the 2" lateral going to the main sewer line. Then connect the new tub drain (7' run) to the remaining lateral using a wye, and another with a stub out (capped) for the future shower drain. I would then finish off the lateral with a new cleanout at the end. Later, I would go back and cut off the shower drain trap and cap its wye.

    Do you think this is a good plan, or can you suggest good alternatives?
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