moving breakers and a power source question

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    Dec 24, 2006
    What needs to be done in moving breakers from an inside panel to a close outside panel? I would like to move all to the outside for several reasons.Safety being the main concern. Inside is a federal pacific box.Enough said there!, and there is no room for awasher/dryer breaker in that box.However, outside approx. 8 to 10" away on the outside of an exterior block wall is a CH breaker box with plenty of breaker room in it.In terms oafety,security and codes would i have to build an access enclosure for the box,change the lock it has on it now etc.

    Question 2.

    I have a motion detector lighfom the box at the light runs a length of 14-2 romex directly to a breaker of its own. Is it possible to splice into that 14-2 wire at some point and junction wire a piece of 14-2 running the junction wire to another breaker box nearby,so either box can supply the motion light with power? Thanks for all replys !
  2. DIY

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    Dec 24, 2006
    moving breakers and power source question

    I have been getting electricians estimates ranging from 575. to 875. for labor,materials and permit required to move breakers. Suprisingly enough one of the lower middle range estimates came from a very well established master electrician. Most of them said from start to finish it would take a better part of the day to complete.

    Unpopular threads and public replys are best for everyone to see as they can add their ideas and suggestions to.
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  4. Billy_Bob

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    Apr 2, 2008
    Basically you need a junction box to splice wires, then extend them to the outside panel. BUT this could be done all sorts of different ways depending on the construction of your house, where the wires/panels are located, and how the wires can enter the outside panel. And if they need to be run outside on the wall, then several different ways to do this.

    The bottom line is what your local electrical inspector would want for code requirements + the possible ways to run the wiring + which you would prefer for "looks" (hidden/exposed).

    As to splicing the wire in the middle, this could "best" be done by adding two junction boxes and a length of wire. Or by connecting a new wire to an existing junction box. You need extra wire to come out of a junction box to make the connections. So if it was in a straight line and you cut the wire, you would not be able to reconnect the wires.

    I will not say anything about those tap gizmos which I would never use.
  5. Alectrician

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    Jun 15, 2007
    They will probably just strip the guts out of the old panel and use it as the Jbox, running cables from the outside panel to re feed the existing circuits.

    Under $1000 is fair pricing.


    Less words please.

    You can splice wiring inside accessible, closed junction boxes.
  6. rgsgww

    rgsgww New Member

    Jul 5, 2008
    Watch for box fill...If you use the old fpe box as a j-box it shouldn't be a problem.
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