mono flow forced hot water system single zone

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    Dec 10, 2013
    Ok I am new to this and need help understanding.
    I had a technician come because I was getting all kinds of noise in my pipes for my forced hot water. It turned out that the valve for the intake of water was plugged evidently and my forced hot water system was working like a steam boiler system. Not good. So he fixed that. In the past my upstairs was really hot and the downstairs in my house was colder. When the company came out to clean my furnace in March of 2013, I mentioned that to the tech and I thought he had turned off a valve so that the hot water was not going so much upstairs. So when I had heat on this fall, the upstairs was cold and the downstairs was ok for the most part but I was hearing the pipes banging when the furnace would come on. Last night the upstairs was comfortable and the downstairs was as well. Should I consider putting a 2nd zone upstairs so I won't have to worry about it getting too hot up there again if I need to turn the furnace up if it gets too cold downstairs? The tech suggested about ball valves to adjust manually the amount going upstairs? Sounds good but I don't want to have future problems. Would a second zone with it's own thermostat be a wiser choice? And is it going to be very expensive to change from one zone to a two zone?
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