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    Feb 2, 2013
    I'm building/constructing :) mini shower/toilet in the basement. It's really mini (ship like size)180x80 cm (~6x3 feet). So it's important to waterproof as much as I can all the room. The base is concrete slab (all walls are interior), then should go membrane, the sloped concrete bed, then I thought red guard on floor and cement backerboards, then modified thinset and glass tiles (2x2") on the floor (and some inserts in the walls between glazed ceramic tiles). I think to use epoxy grout for the floor, but not sure if I can manage on the walls. The question- is the work process and material list is OK and how important to gout shower walls with epoxy too. That is all about red guard and glass tiles being not penetrable to the water, but regular grout on walls can create a problem?
    Any help would be appreciated.

    I've read a lot discussions about the glass tile on the floor, but slippage doesn't bother me, the space is too small and the shower will be used very rarely (more for emergency and guests).
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    Feb 2, 2013
    Is the room a wet room or is the shower in it's own space?...

    Wet should be - shower (there will be the curtains) but with the size of the room I consider it all wet room.

    You want your pre slope and then your waterproofing. After a flood test all water should drain away - make sure you check this out!

    I thought that redguard (or kerdi) is waterproofing? and first membrane just additional layer between original slab and shower/room bed?
    what's wrong with this picture?

    My favourite epoxy grout is the Laticrete Spectra Lock Pro
    I can't find laticrete in Toronto (actually in Canada at all) I've bought Kerapoxy

    Tiles with a mesh backer should not be used in a wet zone. Paper faced or film faced tile is better. Tiles need 95% coverage in a shower and this is not possible with most mesh backed products.

    So NO NO or better? Where should be a problem? thinset attachment or waterproofing? I want this tile and if this is the problem with thinset I would consider to use epoxy grout as thinset too (by manufacturer instructions it's possible). But somehow I don't see the problem? even if thinset fails the epoxy should keep tile pretty strong and waterproof?!

    You better do more planning on the process. Decide on the right tile and then go about making a shower pan. The toilet connection is tricky to waterproof. Is the toilet location already roughed in?

    I think I do a lot of planing (I suspect, that more then some professionals do:))I know that toilet waterproofing is tricky, but I found some tips online ( I think even red guard can help if applied properly in proper places) and me and plumber will try our best. Yes the location of toilet already roughed in. And there is no space for variations.

    Of all waterproofng liquids I've tried Red Guard is my least favourite. Liquids do not fair well with moisture rising from below.

    If I use epoxy (floors and walls), how come moisture will be rising from below?Do I miss something?

    Who will be tiling the job? I would make your installer prepare a mock up and grout it. Check the skill set of the person on the job.

    I will. And I'll do mock up by using Kerapoxy white grout for the concrete mini sink that I made for this mini shower room

    Have you read my Idea Books on Houzz for choosing tile?

    I wanted, but every time the site ask me to "like FB" or sign for newsletter , and I don't like being pushed to do something

    Thank very much for your time and comments
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