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Plymouth, MN
I am trying to figure out how to run a small water line, like refrigerator line, from my basement to my fish tank so I can setup an automatic top off system.
I have a split level, so the basement is only under 1/2 the house. The other half is 1/2 level higher and sits directly on the concrete pad/foundation. That's where the fish tank is. So, my options seem to be pulling up the floor and cutting a groove in the concrete, or trying to run the line thru the ceiling of that room and then down the wall behind the tank. I'm not sure if that is the safest idea, though. I've had my refrigerator line get pinholes in it and need to be replaced, and I wouldn't want that happening in the ceiling.
Any advice is appreciated, and I can send pictures if needed.

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How would you set up an auto fill? Is there a float or a sensor? Is tap water safe for a fish tank?

However, the safest way to do it is to open walls and ceilings and install a copper tube. But its hard to say exactly how your set up would work without some form of diagram. I'd rather it be in a wall or ceiling than in the floor.
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