Looking for review of my well water treatment plan

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Wyoming, USA
A new to us house with a shallow well with submersible pump. Well test at purchase said it produces 10gpm. 4 person family.

Here's the water test: gosimplelab.com/LXUYN6
7.7 ph
39 gpg hardness
0.615 ppm fe
0.275 ppm mn
1400 ppm tds

Prior owner had no treatment and every wet surface was dark orange. Wife wants soft water and no/minimal staining. So here's the treatment plan I'm considering:

1. Twistiiclean sediment filter
2. 20" big blue pleated sediment filter
3. 1.5 cuft katalox light system (any recommendation on air injection or ozone injection?)
4. either 3.0cuft single tank softener or a 2x 1.25cuft twin tank softener system (appreciate any insight on the pros/cons of either)(also 8% crosslink vs 10% crosslink vs fine mesh)

I'd be grateful for any critiques, observations, recommendations, or comments!

Thanks in advance!
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