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I am replacing a yard hydrant that the top had broken off. Luckily the pipe was bent and the long rod could not move up so the rubber stopper in the bottom of the pipe was still closed off. While digging it out I finally got to the bottom at 32 inches and realized that the supply pipe was coming from a different direction than where I supposed the pump was located. The house is 30 years old and I bought it from the 2nd owner 11 years ago. Nobody knew where the pump was located. I thought it was located very near this broken hydrant. I followed the direction of the supply line and came to the road just outside my front gate, maybe 100 feet from the hydrant.

I remembered a concrete circle pad (12 inches or so) out by the road and the line seemed to go directly to it. I began to wonder if the well pump was under the concrete pad. I dug around and the concrete went down at least 6 inches.

I took some pics of the small pad. Can you identify this for me. Is it the top of the well casing? the bolts and nuts are pretty rusted and only two are present. I don't think I can get them off. There is a circular groove in the pad. I think it might be the opening with the cap fitting tightly inside. Although in scraping around it i could not find anything that looked like it would come off by prying.

I am thinking about breaking it up with a hammer to find out if its the well pump. two of the pics show the cap. the other pic shows one of the bolts/nuts.

Any suggestions.


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If that is the well with a submersible pump in there you should be able to feel vibrations when standing on that concrete when the pump is running. If so, then yes I would break up the concrete, add additional casing to get it at least 18" above grade, and use the proper well seal or cap. Not going to be an easy job. I am afraid someone just poured concrete over the well head as it was below grade and they were trying to seal off any water intrusion. There is also no good way to service the pump when needed. I would hate to be the pump guy who was called out the that job. I would spend more time getting the concrete off than fixing the pump. 18" above grade or above the highest water mark is required in most states.
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