Leaking outdoor shower

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    Aug 17, 2004
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    Sometimes I find a leaking outdoor shower that has been installed on the outside wall of a home. I'm in the Seattle area, so sometimes they freeze during the Winter.


    This one had water coming from behind the siding.


    Both the cartridge and the diverter were leaking.


    Plenty of water in the wall here.


    Reinstalled with ball valves to allow shuting off the valve in Winter. We also installed an access for it, 14" x 14"
    The insulation should be between the pipes and the cold wall, with none on the warm side. The insulation was packed tight, which left nothing to keep the valve warm in Winter. I would like to see the homeowner also make something with foam for the outside wall as a cover in Winter.

    That extra section of copper there was just a wedge while soldering. I didn't leave it there.
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