Laundry Room Remodel Using Existing Vent

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    Aug 2, 2011
    I would like to re-model our existing laundry room (see attached drawing) with a clothes washer and sink, using the existing 2†vent if possible, so that I don’t have to cut additional holes in the roof. But I have several questions:
    1. Do I need to back vent at all (dashed lines in drawing) or can I simply run horizontally to the existing vent?
    2. Assuming that I do need the additional 1½†back venting, are the horizontal distances to the 2†vent too long?
    3. If the basic plan is ok, do I use san-T or combos where the 1½†vent lines intersect the horizontal drain lines?
    4. Washer drain must be 2â€, but for the sink drain, can I use 1½†from the trap to the vertical? I have seen contradictory info on that.
    Any corrections or suggestions for a better way of doing it would be most appreciated.

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