Kohler K 4421 Cimarron flush fix

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    Sep 21, 2017
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    I am posting this in hopes it may help someone. I was ready to throw this toilet away, in fact I had picked out a ToTo Drake to replace it. I really liked the Kohler, everything about it, but it had stopped flushing right, and i was not sure why, and we had put up with that a long time: a year I think. Searching forums I found I was not alone. Just figgered I had bought a crappy toilet. But what if I could fix it? I found a video of my toilet in action flushing like it should. The guy just pushed the handle down and, whosh! quickly, it flushed. I thought why doesn't mine do that? It was like magic. It was like the water was just sucked out. That was not possible so it had to be pushed out. That made me look at the hole in the front of the trap. I reached down and put my finger in it, and it was blocked by clumps of lime. (I have very hard well watet). i also knew by the video there was too much slack in the chain that picks up the flush cannister. So I shortened the chain to no slack at all, and cleaned out the hole in the front of the trap. I turned the water back on the toilet, let it fill up, and held my breath, I gave the handle a quick push, and whosh! Just like magic, it quickly flushed. I never saw this advice on a forum so I posted it here
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