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Discussion in 'Remodel Forum & Blog' started by K2, Aug 16, 2010.

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    Hey guys, long time no talk, spent the summer overhauling the yard, now I"m back to the kitchen, got my cabinets, and countertops ready to go, i'm trying to decide on sinks/faucets...

    Does anyone have any recommendations on kitchen faucets, I'm leaning towards something like a commercial pre-rinse spray/faucet combo.

    At least i'd like it to have the ability to act as a faucet and a sprayer, BUT i'm hoping there is a model out there where in faucet mode the water runs, but in spray mode the water only runs when you 'pull the trigger'...

    or am i just dreaming here?
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    All of the pull-out faucet/sprayers that I've seen just have a button to switch. the volume control adjusts for each mode. On many, if you don't have it at max, it won't stay in sprayer mode (those I've seen switch back to stream when you shut it off, and if there's not enough flow, it won't stay there after you release the botton). i put in a Grohe LadyLux pullout in my kitchen in 2000, still works fine.
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