Kitchen Drain Problems

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    Jan 29, 2007
    Hey all - I'm relatively new to this process and I'm getting a little confused as I read through some of these posts, so I thought I would just ask new. I apologize if I have duplicated someone elses question.

    We are remodeling a kitchen in an old house. The tee in the wall pipe rests pretty high off the floor and is giving us a little trouble. We have put in a stainless steel sink - and I hooked up an badger 5 insinkerator garbage disposal to it last night. At current - the outlet of the disposer is at the exact same height as the tee in the wall, which I know to be bad.

    I've tried to look for disposers with a shorter distance between sink and outlet - but this is the smallest I can find. 6" (adding 1/2inch for stainless steel - but I don't know why). Is there anything I can do to raise the dishwasher an additional 1/4-1/2 inch to prevent buildup in the disposer?

    I've already considered increasing the thickness of the countertop to raise the sink - and if the facing tile is large enough - that might work. Or I've considered raising all of the cabinets off the floor that extra 1/4" and masking it off when we tile the floor - but would have to compensate somehow so the dishwasher doesn't look out of place. Either that or find a slightly shallower sink (which would probably be the easiest - but the other half isn't thrilled about). All of these options seem better than messing with the drain pipe already in the wall. Other suggestions I might consider?

    My second question has to do with my p traps. In my limited experience - a p trap always goes straight over to the wall. But under current design - I go down into the p-trap - come back up - and as I start to head to the wall - I'm short. I'm thinking that I can use some sort of s-bend or 2 90degree elbows to go back up 1inch or so to meet the wall, can I?

    And final question - If I were to forego the disposal - can I run the two drains down into seperate p-traps and then join them together with a "Y" right before the wall (both p-traps would be at the proper height - the "Y" would only be to join them together before the wall)?

    Thanks so much for your help!
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    Sep 2, 2004
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    As long as you have 1/4" per foot difference between the disposer output and the connection to the wall, you can probably make it work.

    The trap can be angled any way it will fit as long as you have the right end connected to the right place. You can separate the two sinks and use two traps if you want.
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