Issues with rheem power vented heaters

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We get into an air b+b house and its having major troubles with the water heater ......

I talk them into a new Rheem Power vented unit.... The install goes great,,
then about 2 weeks pass and they start having intermittent hot water and the guests that stay there are all peeved about lukewarm water.....

So, Last friday afternoon I race up to the supply house and get a new honeywell control that goes on the power vent unit...... It some how clips onto the unit and a special tool will spring it off the body and all you have to do is snap the new one on and you are supposed to be good to go...... of course you have to stand on your head to actually see where the special tool fits to snap off the control

the problem with this is I noticed that the brass temperature sensor PROBE is not getting changed out when you do this and it is still imbedded in the water heater........ I realize that this is a major flaw just waiting to happen and I try to get the whole part but their are none available in town.... none---- nada-- sol---- screwed---

if it turns out to be the sensor probe that is bad you have to special order this
brass fitting with the sensor inside it....

Anyway , tonight they call and tell me the heater will not heat again....
so this means I get another Warranty service call out of Rheem and now someone has got to cough up a new brass body that goes into the heater....

I get the feeling I will be changing out the heater before they can get this oddball part to show up.....

I really dont understand why they would want to make something so difficult to where you could have just changed out the whole assembly in less than 5 minutes like most common water heaters are set up for....

but instead you have to stand on your head with a special tool and pry the box off the control body and hope that this half assed approach will actually 100%% repair the problem....when you gamble on the sensor inside the heater might also be the issue.....

very piss poor design, but my salesman is claiming that they all are going to this honeywell control box only being sent out...

thank you Rheem for making next week a challenge...

I am probably just going to claim the damn thing is leaking and swap it out and save myself a lot of greif and misery...


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