Is more insulation the answer here

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    Hopefully, you've resolved your situation. Just a note concerning concrete block walls; I am a unit owner and the board president of a 1962 built, 49 unit condominium complex in the Seattle area which is constructed of concrete block walls. One concern I have come across (not sure about Florida) from an engineer concerned a similar building where all the metal single paned windows were replaced with energy efficient vinyl double pane glass.

    Previously, the interior unit moisture would condense on the colder metal window frames and glass. After the new windows, the interior moisture began to condense behind the walls (hidden) where the air came into contact with the cooler exterior sheathing of the concrete block. This moisture along with a nice food source (framing wood, sheetrock paper, etc.) brought about some problematic mold issues.

    So be cognizant of your vapor barriers or lack of when considering insulating or sealing the envelope of your home if it has similar temperature concerns inside/outside.
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