Is black gas pipe ever completely leak free?

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I'm going by my days , fabbing up gas pipe to do 50 houses of gas piping . so for 50 homes its common to have 3 or 4 different plans so lets say 15 houses you'll have 1 1/2 and or 1 1/4 , 1 , 3/4 , and 1/2 inch to cut and thread screw a fitting on each piece cut on the machine. you are dealing with beat to hell machines, poor dirty cutting oil Chinese fittings or Mexico if lucky , pipe from all over the world . and you gotta blow and go . do this and don't have leaks , if you have 3 seconds to look at a 90 for a sand hole take it, look at all factory ends any kind of dent or crack. So doing this you adapt , oh and another thing its common to know your threads suck look kinda tore up but your being pushed are you going to work or go home and order new dies and hope that fixes it give it another shot in a day or 2. mean while the house is being built electricians and HVAC are running too. So a lot of us just routinely dope and tape everything , I'll follow orders as many companies have their own way. oh and another thing I've been on countless jobs including high rise and hospital where the insist on using plain white tape for natural gas, I've exhausted my efforts to school them on it being illegal on natural gas.
Just a bit of my experience with screwed pipe. excuse the rant but thought it might be of interest
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