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  1. Rossn

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    Dec 12, 2017
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    I'm on 2015 IPC... a few questions on Table E103.3(2) content:

    - Hose bib isn't in the table. Use 2.5 for the first and 1.0 for each additional?
    - Largish family front loader washing machine... use the 8.0lb private? That number seems small. What does a washer like this flow in GPM?
    - OK to put Kitchen Sink, Dishwasher, and Prep sink on one 1/2" copper for Hot?
    - My numbers seem to come back a fair bit lower when using a 'bathroom group', versus the individual fixtures. Do I have to add anything to 'bathroom group' for 2 sinks, 3/4 vs full bath, etc?

    - Cold vs warm fixture units... due to DWH recirc and remodel conditions, my cold/hot water plumbing will not be symmetrical. Is the intent to use the total fixture units for sizing the main line and supply trunk, and use the hot and cold numbers individually to size branches?
  2. James Henry

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    Jul 23, 2019
    Billings, Montana.
    Yes. you use 3/4 of the combined hot and cold fixtures to size the main and the full wsfu numbers to size the individual lines.

    I would add another 3/4 lav wsfu for that.

    I would use 3/4 for the main branch.

    The washer documentation should specify.
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