Internet usage down after hurricane flooding

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    I'm wondering about the effects of the flooding from hurricanes, and the areas looking to restore power. There will be a lot of rebuilding and repair in the future, but right now, without power restored everywhere and homes being lived in, there is a lot of changes in who and where people can connect now. I see that Canada to the North is unchanged, but the areas that were hit, are seeing less access to the Internet and television. I wonder how long this will be lasting. And then there is the Caribbean where the infrastructure was damaged badly and may be months before power is restored.
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    I guess it takes a lot of time, money, materials and labor to restore service to Huston, Louisiana and Florida.

    After the 1994 southern CA quake, it took weeks to get everything working again. Then months, even years, to fix framing and other structural damages.

    The islands? they are not as lucky. At this point, only PR has a chance to get immediate/short term help.

    Think of all the cars trashed in the storms...between 500,000 and 1 million. A message to everybody who's in the market for a used car: check what you're looking at, it could be a reconditioned storm damaged vehicle. The hidden history secrets of a used storm damaged vehicle are under the floor carpeting.

    Insurance will go up, even for those unaffected by these storms, that's for sure. Meaning: we all gonna pay twice - once by higher policy prices and secondly through FEMA.
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