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  1. jobondur

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    Dec 11, 2006
    I am planning on installing a utility sink in my laundry room. Currently, the only drain and supply lines in that area are the ones attached to the washing machine. Will I be ok to simply put a Y in each of the supply lines to provide hot and cold water to the sink or will I starve the washing machine while using the sink (i.e. using both at the same time)? Also, can I simply tap into the drain line for the washer? The sink I will be installing will need a trap I assume (do washer drain lines typically have a trap built in further downline?) and then will have to run sideways about 5 feet over to the washer drain line (PVC). I would have approximately 1-2 feet of drop to play with over that span. This washroom is on the second floor of a fairly new construction house that has the standard washer dryer hookup built into the wall with easy access behind the wall via a storage room. Will what I’m saying work? If not what will I need to do? Any tips for an inexperienced plumber?
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    Nov 27, 2005
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    it'll work

    you are asking the right questions and you have the right ideas, jo bondur. I'm sure you'll find out the last few things you need to know before starting. Specifically where the washer p trap is.

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  4. Randyj

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    Nov 25, 2006
    I guess that the biggest question is whether you want a DIY/handyman job or a professional installation. One thing to consider is if you've got the volume and pressure for the water to come to the sink without seriously affecting the flow to the washer. Generally, when teeing off of a water supply you reduce the size of the pipe. In this case it would normally be from a 3/4" to a 1/2". For your purposes, if a 3/4" line is not available you would not have a major concern eventhough it would be best to tap into a 3/4 water line. For the drain you would be okay in most situations to tap into the stand pipe serving the washing machine (DIY/Handyman plumbing)..and put a P-trap under the sink. If it were a professional installation there would be a Y put in before the trap serving the washing machine and also a vent added to the utility sink drain. I made a sketch but can't get into photobucket so maybe some of the other guys will help out here. Other than the smell of laundry water, if the drain is not installed correctly the biggest problem you will possibly face is the possibility of the water from the washing machine backing up in the utility sink. Since the washing machine is probably trapped already you should not have to worry about sewer gases even if you foolishly decided not to put a trap in the drain and just tied into the stand pipe drain. If I were doing it for myself I would forego the vent and tie into the washing machine drain. If I were doing it to code I'd find out what the local requirements are. Add ons are not as easy as new construction.
  5. Gary Swart

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    Sep 1, 2004
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    You can tee off of the supply lines OK. Even if you "starve" the washer, washers will continue to fill until the water level reached the point determined by the load level you have selected. I would put a ball valve following the tee so you can isolate the washer from the tub if needed. Of course, the washer should have shut off valves just prior to the hose connections. The washer drain is supposed to be 2" and it should be trapped just above the floor. I think it would be OK to tie into the washer drain with a 1-1/2 line from the tub. The p trap for the tub is installed directly below the tub just like any other sink. If I'm incorrect about connecting the two drains, someone will most certainly correct me.
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