Increase water flow/pressure for a well system

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  1. Rattler 24

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    Jun 20, 2012
    Looking to increase water flow/pressure for a well system.

    I have a submerged well pump @ 100 feet down. This feeds a bladder pressure tank followed by a (PH + Iron) filter followed by a water softener and a carbon filter. The pressure is not adequate plus the (PH + Iron) filter does a back flush every day which leaves us without any water for 45 minutes plus the water softener does a back flush at any time of day. I believe the system was originally rated at 4.5 gallons per minute recovery.

    I am interested in installing a second tank after all of the above followed by a constant pressure pump. A local company uses water heaters without a heating element for the storage tank in the systems they sell. I have not been able to locate a tank of this type so I’m looking at a 82 gal. standard pressure tank sold by Sears.

    Proposed System Layout:
    Well pump – pressurized water tank – iron filter – water softener – cartridge filter – new storage tank – new constant pressure pump

    My questions for you are these:
    1 - Does the new tank need an Air Volume Control? The Sears web page said you need one when using the tank with a shallow or deep well jet pump (whatever they are).
    2 - I don't really know what an AVC does, could you briefly explain its operation (if I need to install one)?
    3 - Is anything else needed to protect the existing system or the new additions? Like one-way check valves etc.
    4 – Anything else you can think of to add.

    Thank you in advance for your assistance.
  2. valveman

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    Mar 15, 2006
    Pump Controls Technician
    Lubbock, Texas
    You can probably just turn up the pressure switch on the well pump, and change the timer on the back-flush.

    You don’t want a standard air over water tank after a bladder tank. It won’t get the air charge it needs, and the AVC won’t be needed cause there is no excess air to let out.

    A booster pump won’t help when there is no extra water to boost. And don’t fall for the constant pressure pump unless you just have extra money to throw away.

    Next option is to use a cistern type tank, (larger than 80 gallons). Fill this vented tank with a float switch and solenoid valve after the softener. Then you can get a good jet pump with a little pressure tank, and a CSV would be helpful, to boost water to the house.
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