Incosistent hot water

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    I hope someone can help me out. I live outside Boston and I just bought a new home. New construction. In the kitchen and half bath on the first floor the hot water is good to the faucets. It's hot and within a few seconds. The master bathroom and full bathroom on the second floor don't get hot water to the faucets right away. It usually takes close to 1 minute before they get warm/hot. If an hour goes by and I use the faucets again it will take another minute to get the water where it should be. If I have to run the water for a minute everytime I want a few seconds of hot water it is going to kill me in water bills. The shower in the master will get warm water at best. The full bath shower on the other side of the wall of the masterbath will get hot water. Everything is so incosistent. The plumber said it's normal and to live with it. We are giving our contractor a hard time cuz it's not right. My last house that was just built 2 years ago one town over never had this problem. It's just the wrong time of year not to be getting hot water when you need it. I have the tempature to the max on the water heater. So when the water finally gets hot in the sinks it becomes scolding but the shower in the same bathroom will be just warm. The kind of warm that still gives you the chills when your showering. I never had to have my tempature gauge that high in my last house. I kept it on "A" and it was plenty. Now the plumber has been pissed at us since we took his allowance and bought our own fixtures. For what he wanted to buy for the money that was allowed didn't add up. He was looking to pocket a lot of money so we ask for the allowance so we could give ourselves better faucets, sinks toilets etc.. We were paying for it why not but the plumber has been giving us an attitude since that very day. So he is putting in no effort to resolve this issue. Can anyone give me an idea as to what this might be. I'm at the point where I want to hire a outside plumber and send the contractor the bill. This is a warranty issue and I don't know if the plumber is getting paid everytime he needs to come back he so he doesn't want to be turning down paying jobs to fix this problem or what. Is there a way of getting the hopt water to my bathrooms quicker? Any type of pressure valves that I could adjust? But why would the master bath shower be warm and the faucets scolding(after 1 minute). All I want is to turn on the hot water to wash my hands and get it within a few seconds. Will I ever get that? Thanks for any help
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