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    During my kitchen remodel I decided to move my refrigerator across the room, and luckily the wall where the frig will reside contains the cold water supply for the upstairs bathroom. I am planning on installing an ice maker outlet to supply water to the refrigerator. My question is, do need an outlet with a water hammer arrester? or does the line continuing up the wall serve this purpose. I noticed that outlets are available with or without arresters, but the the ones with arresters are twice the price. Any tips, tricks, or advice, would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Josh
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    Water, when it is not moving, functions as a non-compresible solid. A water hammer arrestor works by absorbing the kinetic energy of the moving water when the solonoid valve quickly shuts off the flow. The stopped, solid column going upstairs won't one with an arrestor. Not all valves close fast enough to cause problems, but it is good insurance.
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