Hudson Reed and Danze faucets?

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    Oct 29, 2005
    Has anyone had experience using Hudson Reed faucets. I found the designs i wanted at their wev site at very good prices. then discovered it is a UK compnay so I'm not sure how widely used they are in the US. I'm contemplating using them for a new bath with two sinks, separate tub and shower, towel warmer and don't want to make that big an investment without some other customer reviews.
    Hudson Reed USA

    Also contemplating Danze for a new powder room and the local plumbing supply house told me they did not carry them because the quality was not high enough (they feature the top lines like Grohe, Dornbracht, etc). Any other opinions? Are they being snobs or will I have problems?
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    Well, an import faucet may have metric threads, which will be your first problem. Parts will be non-existent. Grohe and others also have limited parts availability ( by that I meam plumbers dont have them on the truck and only a very large supply house will have any.) Make sure you keep the owners manual and parts list that come with the faucet so you can order them when needed.

    The mainstream brands like PP, Moen, Delta, and American Standard have taken some justified knocks in recent years for slipping quality due to price competition. I don't have any experience to tell you if a Dornbracht faucet ( which I have never heard of ) will last for 15 to 20 years with no maintenance. I would expect this for what it probably costs. Most consumers I know ( myself included ) opt for the reasonable price models and accept the fact that over the years, some parts will wear out, but they will be available and reasonably priced. Just a different outlook.
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