How to vent 1st Flr Toilet? Which Toilet Waste Run is the Best Option?

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    Jun 24, 2014
    First question.
    Can I install a vent in the form of 4x2x4 Sani Tee or Wye rolled above centerline on the horizontal portion below the first floor directly behind the 4x4x4 Combo Tee Wye with the first floor toilet feeding into this Combo, or does the vent have to be installed directly in front of this Combo Tee Wye fitting in order to correctly locate the vent for the toilet? Point A of Point B in the attached diagram?

    Both would be after the trap of the toilet, but if it is installed behind this Combo fitting, it would result in a 4-6 inch wet vent. If installed behind this Combo, the vent line could continue from the Wye at the required 45 degrees for vent line until getting to the vertical chaseway, but if installed in front of this Combo, the vent line would only be about an estimated 20 degrees at best until getting to the vertical chaseway, where 2 inch vent runs vertical.

    Second question.
    Which Run number (either Run 1 in black, Run 2, or Run 3 both in red) is both legal and would drain the best? Run 2 is only 35-40 degrees from vertical so it is still considered a vertical run. I think Run 1 would drain the worst, Run 3 better than run 1, and Run 2 the best.

    If there is anything else that I missed with this diagram please let me know. Thanks in advance for all help and

    Plumbing Diagram 2014 (1).jpg

    Plumbing Diagram 2014 (3).jpg

    constructive input!!!
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