How to loosen/tighten nut and bolt on main house water pressure valve.

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  1. Owenb_

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    Jul 18, 2020
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    I want to slightly increase the water pressure to my entire house. The valve is outside at the bottom of a large plastics pipe and I am having a hard time getting a wrench in there at the right angle, plus I can't see anything when my arm is inside the pipe. Is there a special tool used for this? I was thinking maybe a crows foot attachment on an extender but I can't find any info on what size to use. The valve is a "Cash Acme Type EB-45 ( could be an F instead of an E..hard to read ). Pictures are in my Microsoft OneDrive below.


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  2. Reach4

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    I don't see the hex size for the jam nut or adjusting screw.

    A digital caliper or a small adjustable wrench can be useful.

    If you have a socket U-joint, you could turn the screw CCW. [​IMG]
    That may be enough to loosen the jam nut, and let you turn that by hand. Or even if you don't turn it, you could use that to identify the size of the head on the adjustment screw. The jam nut looks like the same size, but that is not for sure. I would try 1/2 or 7/16 first. 7/16 is popular in some designs, because it can also be turned with an 11mm wrench.

    You could probably get the wrench size from their Customer Service M-F, 8am-5pm at (877) 700-4242
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  4. Jeff H Young

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    Feb 27, 2020
    come on you gotta be able to figure out the size of an ordinary hex nut? do you have a pressure gage ? if not I wouldnt mess with it
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