how much gas per year did this water heater use?????

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    I need to post this water heater here ....
    It is a prime example why you need
    a water softener in the mid west .....

    the fellow did not have a water softener , this heater was 10 years old
    and they had 7 people living in the home when it finally started leaking in the garage........

    usually you use about 300 per year to heat your water,
    my guess is he probably used 3 times that much to keep this pig heating water...

    he was still not interested in doing anything about it...
    the water softener would literally pay for itself in gas savings pretty quickly


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    LOL Ja, I lived in a rental once that had an old water heater that was too heavy to carry out of the basement so when they put in the new tank, they just left the old one where it stood and installed the new one beside it. It probably looked like the one in your pic.
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    This is why I'm glad our water is from Lake Michigan - which is so soft that it has to be hardened some. Our 50 gal high recovery water heater is 21 years old and still works just about as good as a brand new 50 gallon high recovery unit. Never hear any noise on recovery, so build up probably isn't too horrible.
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