How Many Clean Out Valves are needed in a 1400 sq ft home?

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  1. Jennifer A

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    Jun 22, 2011
    We have recently been having some plumbling issues! We have been living in the house for 3 years now and the first two were fine. In April we had a mainline back up with overflow on the toilets which the plumbing company came by to snake. His work order said he snaked through the mainline clean out at the back of the house...A month later (May) there was water coming from under the floor in the bathroom around the toilet. The plumber thought that since there was overflow of water from that toilet that the ring\flange was damaged and needed replacement. Now onto another month later, this month in fact (June) we had ANOTHER issue. Water started to come through the floor (of the same toilet he said he replaced the flange on), and after three showers taken the day after the issue began, the toilet just started leaking water underneath it (a lot), flooding the floor and water backed up in the drains of the bath and shower. In ten minutes the water receeded from the tub and shower, but I called the plumber because it seemed like he did NOT seal anything as his previous work order stated. When he came by, he removed the toilet and snaked the toilet (which also scratched my walls and floor) and also said that he would not warranty the work this time because we didnt have a clean out valve. Well as I stated, his partner who snaked the first clog used the clean out valve. Now our clean out valve is in the back of the house, by our back bath room. The clean out valve he said we "dont" have should be placed in the front of the house. Therefore making TWO valves...Which I dont think is common practice and not needed for code in Cali. I am looking for claification on this, as I think there is another issue at hand (rusty mainline and needs replacing) and not a clean out issue. I am feeling a bit taken advantage of as well and super frustrated, as everytime they come by it is 120-280 dollars and that is three months in a row now. I need to obviously get a second opinion from a better plumber, but want this team to be responsible for their actions. Any help you can offer is so appreciated.
    Thank you.
  2. hj

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    1. Codes usually call for cleanouts at the ends of lines, AND at the exit from the house.
    2. You probably have one there, but since landscapers seem to "hate" them, it is covered over. A competent plumber should be able to find it, or he might call a good locator who will help him locate it.
    3. I do NOT snake through toilets, because of the issues you describe, and also because it is too time consuming, which means it would be costly/expensive for you.
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