How do you identify what Moen Posi-temp tub/shower valve you have?

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  1. decaturbob

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    Dec 2, 2012
    I installed this unit 18yrs ago and yesterday the valve stem broke off on my wife (which is another story) so I need to get a replacement cartridge assembly. This is a single handle unit for tub/shower. Paperwork is long gone and I don't know if its takes a 1222 or 1220 cartridge or whatever. I hesitate to yank the son of gun out until I have the replacement as I have no leaks occurring presently from the valve (after some doing). I see no markings on the valve body itself the best I can see around it. I do know the cartridge had rubber seats on it. I really don't like sharing my bathroom with my wife any longer than necessary! Any and all help is appreciated.

    Upon further reading, is there just one type of posi-temp cartridge for all single handle valves?
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  2. hj

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    There is just one Positemp cartridge for Positemp faucets, there are other single handle faucets that use different cartridges. Assuming yours is actually a Moen valve, does the handle just rotate, or does it rotate and then pull out to turn it on? The stem breaking off is common with Positemps, but getting the old cartridge out after it happens is NOT the easiest DIY job you could undertake. I have several different tools and it sometimes takes more than one of them to do it.
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