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  1. PeterTrenton

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    May 30, 2011
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    So, I went through the registration process and am unclear about how the site works,

    I have a customer who has a wall hung toilet with a flush elbow, etc., and the flush handle is at the bottom of the tank and has an arm that rises in a channel in the corner of the tank up to the flush valve. The fill valve is a Delta that seems to shut off by the pressure of the water in the tank. It's just a small (1 1/2 ") rubber diaphragm as there does not seem enough space to install a normal fill valve which would rise and not have space given the size of the channel that is in the corner of the tank

    Have you ever seen such a situation. I have not.

    It would be nice if you could reply to ptrjohnson@yahoo.com as I am not confidant I would get a message from you on the site.

    Thanks so for your help,


    Peter Johnson, NC Licensed Plumber
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    Welcome to the group. It works by doing exactly like you did....post a great question.
    I personally do not have an answer, but there are a few really great 'old timers' who are regulars here, and someone WILL be able to help you out. Just come back to the forum a few times a day and see if there are additional answers for you.

    Most of us tend to stay away from personal email contacts....you know, axe murderers and things lurking on the internet! There is a 'private message' feature when necessary, but the vast majority of our businss is conducted right here on the open forum. There are lots of others interested in your problem.

    Happy Memorial Day.
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  4. hj

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    Aug 31, 2004
    Cave Creek, Arizona
    A picture would help, because I am not sure if you have a toilet with a low tank or high one, and I assume it is a wall hung tank, NOT a wall hung toilet. The Delta fill valve you describe is one I ONLY recommend for horse and cattle water tanks, because if it fails there is ABSOLUTELY NO method to stop it manually other than to turn off the water supply. If there is not enough room for a Fluidmaster or similar, then you may have to go back with a conventional valve with a float ball.
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