Help Wiring a Recirculating Pump to a Takagi TK-3

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I bought my house about a year ago and we have a Takagi TK-3 that is dedicated to the master bath shower, tub, and sinks. It works great and have no issues with hot water and keeping it hot, but the master bath is the farthest room from the heater, two floors up. It takes about 2 mins to get hot water to the shower and at least 3 to the sinks (lower flow).

There is a dedicated return line and recirculating pump, but I believe the pump was ever wired correctly and hasn't ever run. I'd love to get it wired up and running so we have instantaneous hot water. The pump is a Laing sm-303-btw. It is currently wired directly to the black and white "pump" connector wires in the TK-3 with no external power source.

I believe I need to get a relay, but I am a litter unsure if the TK-3 acts as a thermostat or not based on the internal temp or if it would be more efficient to get an external thermostat. Also, any advice on a simple relay and anything else I'd need? I'd appreciate a layman's explanation of "plug this into the wall, the pump wires here, and connect this to the TK-3 pump controls" if anyone is able to offer it.


Thanks for the help.
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