Help on Culligan softminder twin softener system

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Hi, All,

We have a Culligan softminder twin system which was put into the house by original owner at around 2003. We haven’t used it since we moved in back in 2016.

Earlier this year, we started using it since kids started complaining that water left stains/residues at their shower. About a few weeks ago, the spare twin tank developed a leak between the plastic hub/collar and the tank. I finally got the time to take the system apart but wasn’t able to figure out how to remove the plastic collar from the tank - so I have two new questions here that I hope I can get some help from this forum:
1. Is there any special tool I can use the remove the collar? If I get it removed, where do I order the replacement part? I looked them up online but I couldn’t find anything at all,
2. If there’s no replacement part, I would need to replace the system. I would like to stay with a more generic option this time. Is there a manufacturer or system that’s easily to put into replacing culligan with minimum plumbing work?

I prefer to fix the existing system if possible as we don’t have budget for this work at the moment.

Attached is a few pictures - first one is the tank with the plastic collar and the second one is the remaining plumbing fixture/pipes once I removed the system which I believe is a fleck 9000 series.



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