Help Needed Identifying Frameless Shower Door Side Sweep

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    I have a t-shaped vertical strip (I'll call it a sweep) adhered to the panel door side of my frameless glass (3/8") shower door (pictured). Presumably this is to keep water from exiting the shower through the small gap between the swinging door and the panel. I'm not the owner who had this door or sweep put in, but it appears the shower door is a Basco Celesta 935.

    Anyway, this sweep has worn after about five years of use and needs to be replaced. I'm not sure if this sweep came with the door system or was something a previous owner installed to keep water in the shower. I've tried extensively searching for a replacement online but can't find anything that looks similar. It runs up the length of the panel, which is 6'. Can anyone tell me what kind of sweep (or material functioning as a sweep) this is, and if it's not what should separate the door from the panel, what should? Thanks in advance.

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