help needed for navien 240a recirculation inlet filter

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i made a stupid mistake when doing the annual maintenance. i cleared the cold water inlet filter correctly and ran the white vinegar through the system for an hour. these were all good. but when i tried to remove the recirculation inlet filter, somehow i tried to turn it clockwise rather than counterclockwise to loosen it (probably that was due to it's installed on the bottom surface, so the counterclockwise should be determined when we look up) and as a result, the filter head broke off.

and after i put everything back together, the Condensate Water Clean-out starts leaking, not sure if that's caused by the broken recirculation filter. (but no leak from the recirc filter itself). here is a video of the leak:

i have bought a new filter and gasket/o-ring. but i couldn't remove the remaining part of the recirc filter stuck there. i tried pliers to turn it counterclockwise very slowly, but no luck. it didn't move. i was wondering:

* is there any effective way to remove the remaining part of recirc filter? there is sth called extraction tool, but seems that's more for metal screw. the filter and corresponding assembly are made of plastic. i worry if extraction tool would apply here.

* if i just leave the recirc filter there, is it gonna cause issue because it can't be cleaned? i regular clean cold water inlet filter and flush heat exchanger, but the recirc filter has not been cleaned for 5 years.

* is the leak from Condensate Water Clean-out due to the recirc filter? if not, what might be the reason. i put it back correctly with its o-ring also installed correctly, so i'm not sure why it's leaking.

* is it recommended if i set the DIP to not do recirculation anymore? then i don't need to worry about the filter not being cleaned (and can't be removed anyway)? specifically: 1. should i set DIP to no circulation or just internal circulation (right now at external circ), and 2) should i shutoff the recirculation valve/pipeline as well? seems the 240A model only has INT/EXT for internal switches (see screenshot below), but you can set DIP 1/2/3 all to off for "no recirculation"

I would appreciate any thoughts or suggestions. thank you so much!


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Open the cabinet and take a picture. I think you need to further disassemble the unit to get this apart.
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