Help Deciding Best Way to Get Rid of Sulfur Smell. Iron filter or Chlorine? Other?

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  1. carfan87

    carfan87 New Member

    Mar 9, 2011
    We recently purchased a house which has a Culligan Mark 100 45,000 grain water software (which we own) and a Culligan Super S iron filter (which is rented and I want to purchase something else since it's not working well). These can only handle the water flow of one shower and that’s about it. I want to make sure our new equipment can handle two showers and possibly a load of laundry at one time.

    Below are my test results from my well water and some other useful info, please let me know if I need to test for anything else before making my decision
    Over 15 GPM from an outside faucet. (it’s a 15 PGM Grundfos pump about 60 feet deep)
    Live in Minnesota and the water is about 50 degrees
    6,000 sq/ft two story house with 5 bathrooms and 4 people
    Water comes out of the faucet cloudy black and water smells of rotten eggs.
    I have some sand and black solids in my water so I may want to filter for it.
    Ph - 7.1
    Sulfides - positive (water smells like rotten eggs)
    TDS - 600
    Hardness - 23
    Iron (I’ve had test range from 1.0-5.0 but most of the time it’s 4.5 to 5.0))
    Nitrates - not detected
    Copper - not detected
    Manganese - not detected
    Tannins - not detected

    It looks like I have a few main options but I’m not sure if I’m missing any or which to go with.

    Since I have some solids I could start with a Rusco Sediment filterPrefilter. Thoughts?

    It looks like a good water softener may filter out my iron but then I’m still left with sulfides. I could then use chlorine to fix the rotten egg smell and then a charcoal filter since it looks like chlorine should not run through the softener. In this case I’d need to buy all new equipment and would this slow down my water volume and pressure?

    Or would I be better getting a new iron filter (from what I’ve read I like the Fleck 2510 SXT valve and use Filox as the media) which will handle the iron and rotten egg smell. I could possibly keep my water softener (although it may restrict my flow). Could I use this iron filter for my outside watering too? Or is there a better way to filter for iron to an outside faucet.

    If possible I’d like to be able to drink the water from the tap without using reverse osmoses at the tap. If that’s not very reasonable I can just install revers osmoses then.

    As noted above I’m not sure what to do about my outside tap water so the water does not stain the driveway or house due to the iron and how to filter the large particles that would probably scratch a car if I washed it? I may also install a sprinkler system down the road. I may be able to pull lake water for that though.

    Anyone have any suggestions on why to choose one option over the other? Or am I missing an option I should look at?

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  2. carfan87

    carfan87 New Member

    Mar 9, 2011
    After more research I'm leaning towards a chlorine solution. It looks like the overall preference is using a erosion dry pellet inline chlorinator if proper maintenance and good pellets are used. A few questions then:
    What brand pellets are preferred?
    What kids of maintenance/cleaning should be done and how often?

    I do not want to remove all of the chlorine from the water. Do I still need a charcoal filter? Keep in mind I'm using a water softener too.
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  4. LLigetfa

    LLigetfa DIYer, not in the trades

    Feb 6, 2011
    NW Ontario, Canada
    Why not remove all the clorine? The softener should last much longer.
  5. carfan87

    carfan87 New Member

    Mar 9, 2011
    I've read that bacteria can continue to grow again in the water heater and pipes when all chlorine has been removed. We are also getting a whole house humidifier and would rather the water be free from bacteria etc. before spreading it throughout the house. Of course the downside is the softener will not last as long.
  6. Akpsdvan

    Akpsdvan In the Trades

    Dec 29, 2009
    Business owner/service and sales
    I my self would rather remove ALL of any chlorine that is added to the water..... just to many things get made when adding chlorine to water that has organics in it... some 600+ and not one of them is good.

    Ozone is a good smell killer, with little to no side effects.
  7. JKERN

    JKERN New Member

    Jan 12, 2011
    Manager and Tech of a Water Treatment Company
    Artesia NM
    If you flush your entire water system the first time you bring the chlorinator online without installing your water softener then you will sanitize the system. After that instal your carbon and your softener then bring chlorinator back online the idea is that your killing anything before it gets into the system. Then ideally you dont have to worry about buildup after that. And you should remove the chlorine because of all the adverse things that chlorination does.
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