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    Jan 22, 2007
    Hi Folks
    I am new to this board but it looks like the place for friendly advice so I am hoping someone can point me in the right direction.

    Here's the situation:
    We live in a 2 level apartment in a downtown area - construction fills the lot. The water pressure is often so low as to make the toilet & shower (on the first level) difficult to use. The washing machine on the upper level is unusable - there is a storage cistern on the roof (130 gals) and this is sometimes filled overnight when the pressure is high enough. Roof level is about 35 feet from street level.

    We have burned out two booster pumps in the last 18 months - the self-contained 'Hydroscan' type - and things are getting bad. City water pressure at the meter is 16lbs/sq.inch with a flow rate (at the nearest faucet) of around 3-4 GPM.

    There is no space to put in an underground tank, fed by the city supply, and boosting a feed from that - I understand this is the 'preferred' method - although we could mount a small (70 gal) tank about 10 feet above the water meter and gravity feed a boost pump from that - would that work?

    What about a self-contained hydropneumatic set-up? I prefer that for space and economy but are we forever going to have problems due to the lack of pressure and flow from the city supply?

    What's the best way forward here? All help is appreciated.

    Many thanks

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