Hansgrohe shower valve cartridge replacement issues

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    Jul 31, 2014
    I have a new shower installed with the Hansgrohe Thermostatic valve. After my contractor finished with it, the shower would only go either cold or scalding hot, with no temperature regulation no matter where the valve was set.

    I thought this was a cartridge problem and Hansgrohe agreed and sent me a new one. I tried installing it myself. It seemed like the temperature would adjust properly, but it wasn't hot enough so I had to remove the clip and adjust the metal limiter piece to allow me to turn the valve further clockwise. After playing around with it for a while, I saw that turning the valve to the hot direction too far would make the gear automatically retract into the cartridge body (wouldn't stay hot). And to my shock it also appears that now there is no temperature regulation again and the water is either too hot or just cold.

    - Could I have broken the cartridge by simply futzing with the gear turning it over and over (seems like that's what it should be designed for)?
    - Is it normal for the 'gear' part to retract and extend as you adjust hot and cold? It also seems possible to pull it out of the body when it retracts, but I'm not sure if this is good for it. When the clip & limiter is in place it doesn't do this as much.
    - Why is it either cold or scalding hot? If the cartridge is OK, could it be something wrong with the plumbing in the ibox? My thought is that if it can very hot and very cold, then one way or another the water is there. My escutcheon is attached with silicone so I'd rather not take it all apart if it's not required.

    Thanks for any help - MUCH appreciated!
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