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Ugh... So we finally have our two bathroom remodels complete...

For the most part, we are fairly happy with the outcome... There are a few little things that don't really matter much... Nothing is perfect, right?

The one thing that is bothering me is the tile grout color inconsistencies... And I don't get it... We got high quality grout from a reputable brand at a reputable tiling supply house... Our contractor mixed the grout well... And yet, we have inconsistency in the darkness of our grout lines...

We chose a grey colored grout to match out gray colored tiles... Think of the color of "Battleship" (the old school game)... That's pretty much the color of our grout lines...

There are small differences on the tiled walls, which aren't so noticeable... The shower floor is where the color difference is significant... And I really don't get how it happens... There are long stretches (8-9 inches) of really dark grout lines... And equally long stretches of really light grout lines... How does that happen when applying grout from a mixed container???

Anyway... I am really just venting here...not sure there's any advice that can help me... I just need to figure out if I call my contractor out to re-grout... Or if I just live with the color inconsistencies... I am sure I am the only one who notices... The darker grout lines just look like the lines are dirty or have a little bit of mold/mildew growth accumulation, which is normal for a well used shower... No one by the home owner will really notice...

My thought is that this is all aesthetics and not a water-tightness compromise... And the grout was laid down without the shower door in place... It will be more difficult to do a re-grout in tighter confines with my expensive frameless glass door in the way... Ugh... Frustrating!!!

But admittedly a "first world problem"... Thanks for letting me vent...
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