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    Aug 17, 2004
    Bothell, Washington
    GreenPlumbers USA is pleased to announce two free workshops scheduled in Washington in the month of June! Washington is the launching ground for the first Inspection Report Service (4 hrs) workshop to be offered in North America. Inspection Report Service is an overview of domestic and commercial water auditing, inspections and reporting, assessment and strategies, including:
    · Water and Energy Audits
    · Commercial / Industrial and Residential Buildings
    · Creating a Master Plan for Future Improvements
    · New Technology

    This course will be offered:

    June 6th in Bellingham, WA. Eddie Wilcut will be the instructor, and complimentary lunch is included. Register online:

    Be the first to become accredited in the GreenPlumbersInspection Report Service course in North America!

    GreenPlumbers is coming to Seattle on June 11th to offer the free Caring for Our Water (8 hrs) workshop. Topics covered include:

    · Water Efficient Products
    · Introduction to Household Water Audits
    · Reducing Household Water Consumption
    · Storm Water Runoff Pollution and Prevention

    June 11th in Seattle, WA. John Koeller will be the instructor, and complimentary lunch is included. Register online:

    Have you registered on our website? Take a minute to visit and register. By registering we will ensure you're one of the first to be notified of any GreenPlumbersworkshops or events coming to your area.


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    Sep 11, 2004
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    SF Peninsula
    I've taken the Caring for Water and Climate Protection workshops and recommend them both highly. John Koeller really knows his stuff. And the miso is to die for. The Inspection Report Service workshop is brand spanking new. I'll be taking it later this year when it's offered in my area. Green Plumbing: "Get in, get out of the way, or get run over."
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  4. Terry

    Terry Administrator Staff Member

    Aug 17, 2004
    Bothell, Washington
    Today I went to the GreenPlumbers class on water saving fixtures and devices.
    The introduction was by Carrie McChesney, introducing the green concept in plumbing.
    Also there was John Koeller of (MaP) Maximum Performance fame.
    Data from his report on gram ratings is used on my report, as are other considerations.
    He mentioned that 250 grams of waste is normal, so based on that, they figured the WaterSense program would start at 350 gram ratings.
    They end their test at 1000 grams, beyond that and it was becoming obvious that some manufacturers where building to get a high MaP rating at the expense of other quailities like bowl rinse.
    In my report, I try to balance these things, bowl rinse, quality of workmanship, repairability, ect.
    His flush rating method has helped encourage manufacturers to improve their products. There have been improvements made since the first test they came out with, the latest being eleven. I hear twelve is coming soon. Another interesting thing he mentioned was the drain line carry of toilets. The good gravity toilets were outperforming the pressure assist toilets.
    Al Dietemann from Seattle Utilities was also there.

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  5. Squ1rrel

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    Dec 21, 2007
    So this is a good group? I was wondering, we got an email from them asking for partnership.
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