Granite Countertop for a vessel bowl

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    I just received my special order countertop, for my vessel bowl, from LOWES. I notice that the hole that was drilled for the drain, is not located at the center of the countertop. The hole is in the center as far as the x-axis (left to right) is concerned, but the y-axis (from the wall, to where I'd be standing), is off by at least 2". The hole is closer to where I'm standing. I put the vessel bowl on the countertop, and I notice that the edge of the bowl, is about 1" from the edge of the countertop. Is that normal, or should I bring the countertop back to LOWES? Please advise.
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    You normally need some extra room behind the bowl for the faucet, whether it is in the counter or coming out of the wall, so it may be offset towards the user a bit.
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    The opening for the drain depends on the size of the sink AND where you want to locate it. There is no "generic" location, so either you bought a sink and top combination, or someone must have told Lowe's where to put it. As mentioned, there has to be provision for the faucet whether at the back on to the side, unless you have a wall mounted faucet, in which case, that also affects the sink location.
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