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    Aug 15, 2007
    This morning I heard a buzzing sound from the bathroom. Assuming that it was my wife's cell phone, I ignored the sound at the time. When I went into the bathroom this morning, I noticed that the GFCI receptacle was tripped. Nothing was plugged into the receptacle. I tried resetting the GFCI, and it would not reset.

    To give a little background, I remodeled my bathroom a few months ago and I installed two GFCI recepts in a double gang box. The GFCI's are wired are pigtailed off the feed. Due to existing conditions, the "downstream" GFCI recept feeds a light in our bedroom room (which currently is working because the GFCI recept has faulted). This GFCI has been operating fine for the last three weeks. Do I have a bad outlet? Why the buzzing noise?
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    Unless you have two separate circuits you need only one GFI. The incoming circuit should come into the LINE terminals of the GFI. Then you can connect a standard second outlet to the LOAD terminals of the GFI.

    The light in your bedroom doesn't need a GFI (but it's OK if it is connected to a GFI outlet). It can be connected to the LINE terminals of the GFI along with the incoming line. There is usually provision for two wires on each LINE terminal.

    You will be fully protected per code.

    There is usually a sticker that comes with the GFI outlet that you put on protected-but-not-GFI outlets connected to the load terminals of the GFI outlet.

    You can connect as many outlets as you need downstream of the first GFI protected outlet on a circuit and they are all GFI protected, provided that the first one after the GFI is connected to the LOAD terminals of the GFI outlet.
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